Chiropractic Care Series

Why Chiropractic Care is Important Part 2

6 years ago I had no desire to see a chiropractor. Yes, I was in pain, but I also had a wrong perspective on what chiropractic care should and can look like if you find the right fit. 


Just like any doctor, plumber, hairstylist, etc., we all need to find that one that one that we connect with most. I just happened to find that fit when I stepped in the office of Dr. Jack Hendricks. I knew immediately that he cared about my complete wellness journey. 


Why Chiropractic care


Dr. Jack took the time to understand my history, as well as my future goals and dreams. He then helped me understand what chiropractic care really looks like (at least in his office). I began to understand the benefits of using this as a way to stay away from medications that aren’t natural to the body. I started seeing what the long term benefits are, and I decided to just trust in him and follow the plan he set for me. 


Here we are, and 6 years later, I am probably one of the biggest supporters of the industry. I have seen time and time again positive changes in my own body, as well as those of loved ones. 


While chiropractic care is probably the best and most natural way to make sure our well oiled machines are working properly, I wanted to be sure I was maximizing my time in making sure my body was the strongest and healthiest version it could be moving forward. You know, we’re not getting any younger! However, I do believe you are only as old as you tell yourself.


There are a few things we can do to be sure we are reaching our optimal health. Here are a few of them that we will be talking about in this series:

  1. Consistent chiropractic care
  2. Take a good, natural multivitamin every day.
  3. Good exercise regimen- the body works best when it’s moving, just like your car 
  4. Stay away from drugs and chemicals


We touched on number one, so now I want to wrap up this with number two. Dr. Jack stressed the importance of getting on a good, consistent vitamin regiment. Not just any “one-a-day” vitamin, but one that was going to be effective and keep my body going. He introduced me to a multivitamin through the Nutrilite Brand called Double X.


Now this ain’t no “one-a-day” vitamin like I was taking. This product is PACKED with 12 essential vitamins, 10 essential minerals, and 22 plant concentrates! That might not mean much to you, but this means optimal function of the body and filling in those gaps we miss out on through our food sources. why chiropractic


Double X is NSF Certified which means it is safe for competitive athletes! I have been taking this product CONSISTENTLY (notice the pattern of consistency) for nearly 6 years now. I have not been sick since I have been taking it other than a sniffle here or there but way less that it was in the past.


I even worked in the schools during some of that time and we all know how many germs float around those buildings! Not to mention, my energy level increased and if I ever ran out or for some reason forgot to take it, my body would definitely let me know.


Do yourself a favor, try taking it for 10 straight days (as directed), and then stop for about 5. See if you notice a difference! This has 100% been a game changer for me and a product I can stand behind, knowing how much it has benefited my life.


If you have any questions about any of my recommendations, I am more than happy to help you out. While nothing is for EVERYONE, I believe there is something for everyone and I would love to help you figure out what that is for you!


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