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Why Chiropractic Care is Important

We all make hundreds, if not thousands of decisions each day. One of the best decisions to this day, was choosing to finally do something about the constant, irritating, frustrating and almost debilitating pain in my body at 23 years young. I had been dealing with this pain years before this.


Sports, stress, malnutrition, not properly warming up and cooling down before workouts. Would you be surprised if I told you I studied Athletic Training in college, while working at a Physical Therapy Clinic? You would think I would know how to properly take care of my body. Well, that’s just it. I did know HOW, I just CHOSE not to. Why?


There are a slew of excuses I could give you. Time. Money. Warming up and cooling down is boring and doesn’t appear that it would give you the big gains. I’d rather lift the heavy weights to work the big muscles everyone can see, than build up the smaller muscles that actually support the sexy looking ones. But excuses are like armpits, everyone has 2 and they all stink. I made these excuses for years. My go to line was “ain’t nobody got time for that nonsense!”. That sounded all dandy until….I reached my breaking point. 


After a bout in the hospital and crippling pain, I knew I needed to forget all my excuses if I ever wanted to regain my quality of life. It might seem dramatic that a 23 year old former athlete was in that bad of shape. Well, believe it. It was real and I felt every minute of it. I knew if I ever wanted to have a family down the road, or enjoy my nieces and nephews, I needed to make a change. I needed to start back and ground zero so I could rebuild what had been torn down. 


And then I had a life changing interaction with a mutual friend of mine and I ended up going to one of her chiropractic appointments with her. 


First, let me give you a quick back story on my thoughts/feelings about chiropractors. I NEVER wanted to go to one. You see, I heard all the “bad” things about them and heard it was just a quick fix. Especially coming from my background, the chiropractic industry was almost frowned upon. So when I went with my friend (who had told me to see her chiropractor, but it went in one ear and out the other), watching her appointment that day changed the course of every aspect of my health. 


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I made a decision to start seeing Dr. Jack Hendricks, not only for my chiropractic care, but for my overall wellness. When I saw the EMG nerve scan results I was blown away, not in a good way.. they were a mess. The amount of mental, emotional and physical stress I put on my body was apparent to me at this time.


I knew if I didn’t make a change quickly that my future didn’t look so enjoyable. I began seeing Dr. Jack on a consisent basis (consistency is the key in anything, ESPECIALLY at the beginning to get the ball rolling). Over time, the loads of stress started to release and my body began functioning more like it should be as a healthy 23 year old. 


Along with my chiropractic adjustments, Dr. Jack encouraged me on proper nutrition and exercise, along with supplementation for areas that may be lacking in my daily regimen. For most people, food is the optimal source of nutrition, but unfortunately, many foods lose some of their nutritional content before we actually consume them. We will talk more about this and more ways to be sure your body is getting the proper nutrition it needs!


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While many people think seeing a chiropractor is for an emergency only, I believe everyone could benefit from at least having a maintenance care plan with a chiropractor. Just like ours cars needing oil changes every so many miles, our bodies also need a tune up. There is a lot that more that we could get in to on this topic, so join us next time for part two of our Chiropractic/ Wellness Care Series.


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